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Volunteer Positions

Primarily, we need additional Adoption Ambassadors, Shelter Support, and TNR volunteers

  • Adoption Ambassadors help visitors meet animals both at the shelter and at events.

  • Shelter Support – This crew is dedicated to help with the tasks that need tending to every single day to keep the shelter running smoothly. It can be messy work but it helps ensure that all animals in our care have everything they need to stay happy and healthy. All new adult volunteers will be asked to complete their first 12 hours in a shelter support role before being working hands on with the animals at the shelter.

  • Additional positions are available as they become open.  Examples of other volunteer positions: canine playgroup team, canine assessment team, enrichment team, humane education, helping at fundraisers, etc.

  • Animal Socialization – In addition to helping with one or more of the positions above, all volunteers are welcome and encouraged to help with basic socialization of cats and dogs (i.e.: Dog Walking, Feline Enrichment Team, etc.)


Age Requirements

  • Minimum age is 16 years old for any independent volunteering. However, the volunteer manager reserves the right to require that a volunteer have an assistant with them at all times if they are unable to meet the criteria for independent volunteering. Click for special needs volunteer info

  • Volunteers between ages 12 and 15 must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian. Both parent/guardian and volunteer must submit an application to become a volunteer, complete necessary training together, and volunteer together.

  • Volunteers ages 7 to 11:  Click for Family Volunteer Info

*Please Note: For safety of volunteers, staff, and animals, no exceptions can be made to age limitation policies.

Time Requirements

  • Adult volunteers are required to commit to a regular recurring schedule of at least two 3-hour shifts a month helping with one of the shelters primary volunteer needs.

  • Consistency is needed to ensure proper staffing so all animals get the time and the attention they need.  Volunteer shifts for other activities such as dog walking and cat enrichment may be done in addition to those shifts.  If you are interested in short-term opportunities, please follow the link to the Community Service and Group/Corporate Volunteering Page.

Training & Internet

  • The Volunteer Training process begins with orientation after which all new volunteers will be assigned a peer mentor to provide guidance and hands on training in an effort to help all of our new volunteers hit the ground running in their volunteer experience.

  • Additionally, HES uses the BAND app as the primary source of communication. All new volunteers will be asked to download the BAND app on their mobile device during the orientation process.

Ready to Volunteer? 

More Ways to Get Involved

Donate if You Can't Volunteer

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