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We have partnered with Petco Love Lost to help you easily search the national lost and found database and create a searchable/shareable alert for your missing pet. Click below to upload a picture of your pet or search by location.

Jack Russel

Contact an animal control agency in your area.

Humane Educational Society serves unincorporated Hamilton County, Soddy Daisy, Collegedale, and Walden. If you live in one of these areas, you are welcome to come to Humane Educational Society and look for your pet during our open hours. 

If you live in one of the following areas, contact the appropriate agency to make a lost report and search their kennels:

If you don't live in Hamilton County, please consult this list of agencies at to find an organization near you.

Search your neighborhood

Lost pets are often disoriented and stressed, and will look for somewhere to hide. Search your neighborhood, call the pets name, and crinkle/shake a familiar treat container. Ask your neighbors if they have seen your pet, and ask for their permission to search their property. Look under cars, porches and bushes. Some animals tend to hide during the day or high traffic times, so search later in the day. Don't give up! Keep looking!

Post flyers and file reports

Post flyers with a good photo and a bold, clear headline along with your contact information, a description of the pet (with breed, size, sex, age, and distuingishing features), and where the pet was lost. PetFBI has a free online printable flyer maker.  Post the flyers everywhere with high visibility near where the pet was lost and give them to all of your neighbors. Contact all of the shelters in your area and file reports with each one. 

Post online and get social

Post a good photo of your pet with all of the flyer information on social media and local websites. Here are a few local websites that you can view and post lost/found reports:

Closeup of a Black Dog
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