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Expectations and Requirements

Adults Volunteering with Assistance
Individuals who do not meet the criteria for independent volunteering must always volunteer in the company of another adult capable of assisting them, such as a family member, friend, or professional support staff. Humane Educational Society (HES) is not able to provide assistants or mentors on an ongoing basis.
Expectations for Assistants
In addition to helping someone have a fun and fulfilling time as a volunteer, assistants are there as backup just in case anything goes wrong. For this reason we hold assistants to the same high standards as we do regular volunteers when it comes to training. Assistants should pay attention during classes and be able to demonstrate the same core concepts that we expect of all other volunteers.
Assistants are expected to take all required training classes, submit a volunteer application, pay the volunteer fee, and conduct themselves in line with HES’s standard volunteer rules.
Requirements for Independent Volunteering

  • Generally speaking, adults who require regular assistance with physical or cognitive tasks in their daily lives will not be able to volunteer with us without an assistant.

  • Classes: Individuals must attend and pass all required classes and training sessions required for active volunteers.

  • Safety: Individuals must be able to remember and follow all instructions and safety rules. Must be capable of recognizing and reacting appropriately to potentially unsafe situations.

Special Needs adults can volunteer in the following ways:

  • Animal Enrichment – Help make and distribute much needed enrichment toys and treats primarily to our cats, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals.

  • Special needs volunteers who wish to interact with our shelter dogs will be considered on a case by case basis.

Humane Educational Society reserves the right to make reasonable additions or exceptions to a volunteer’s requirements depending on each individual’s circumstances.
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Special Needs Volunteers

We welcome adult volunteers with special needs!

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