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Pet Licensing

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Why License?

  • It's the law!  

    • All dogs and cats, three months and older, are required to be registered annually with HES if you live in Hamilton County. City licenses are issued by McKamey Animal Center.

  • HES can help find your pet if they go missing.  

    • If your animal is registered with HES and is picked up by an officer or kind citizen, HES can quickly identify your pet and contact you to redeem them. 

  • A pet license signifies that your pet is current on rabies vaccinations.  

    • An officer or kind citizen may be wary of an animal if they are unsure she is up to date on necessary vaccines. 

  • License fees help cover costs of services residents are entitled to.  

    • The annual licensing fee helps us to pay for our efforts to find and provide care for stray animals.

How to Register

Your pet must have a rabies vaccine administered by a licensed vet. 

  • At HES - Bring the rabies certificate issued to you by the licensed vet who gave the vaccine along with the licensing fee.

  • By Mail - Mail a copy of the rabies certificate with a check or money order for the licensing fee along with a standard-size self-addressed and stamped envelope.

Licensing Fees

  • Unincorporated Hamilton County | Walden

    • $5 all dogs; no cat license needed


  • Soddy Daisy | Lakesite | Collegedale | Red Bank

    • $10 for cats and dogs | $5 if pet has been spayed or neutered

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