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What is TNR?

Trap - Neuter - Return

TNR or better known as Trap-Neuter-Return, is the humane and effective approach for managing stray and feral cats, also known as community cats. TNR involves trapping, neutering, and vaccinating community cats before returning them to their territory.  HES offers TNR services to Hamilton County, TN residences living within the areas we are contracted to serve: Unincorporated Hamilton County, Soddy Daisy, Collegedale, and Walden.  Note: Our jurisdiction does not include the cities of Chattanooga, Red Bank, Lakesite or East Ridge.


February 22nd

Four Cats on the Sidewalk

TNR helps the community cats in your neighborhood 

by stabilizing colonies (stopping unwanted kittens),protecting and improving cat’s lives while improving the lives of the humans they live near.

Trap-Neuter-Return IS a life-saving solution!  

Our goal is to improve the lives of community cats, improve their relationships with the people who live near them, and decreases the size of colonies over time. Let’s formulate a plan to spay and neuter that one cat hanging around or your entire colony!

Cats and Humans
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