Your contribution now goes TWICE as far!

You can give directly to the shelter HERE.  Please be sure to type in FOR SPAY/NEUTER EQUIPMENT in the Additional Comments box!

The Humane Educational Society is raising funds to purchase medical equipment, which will be used to spay and neuter animals in the shelter’s care. At this time, an anonymous donor will match the next $30,000 raised for our clinic. Your generosity will be doubled!

This is our solution to an important issue plaguing the shelter. Humane Educational Society does not have the equipment to perform spay and neuter surgeries at our facility. As a result, we are forced to spend time and funds transferring animals to and from surgeries at other veterinary facilities. Facilities do not have enough surgery openings for us to alter pets in a timely manner. For this reason, otherwise adoptable animals are missing opportunities to join forever families due to postponed surgeries. Full kennels do not allow us to continue our lifesaving mission of helping all animals in need.

This problem will increase tenfold in the coming weeks. Each spring and summer, thousands of orphaned, homeless, neglected and injured animals enter our shelter. Without access to our own clinic, we will not be able to properly care for pets that deserve our time and attention.

This is where you come in, generous donor. We need to purchase the equipment to perform our own surgeries. This endeavor will cost our shelter more than $100,000. Though that sounds like a lot of money, this is a worthwhile investment that will save time, money and most importantly, the lives of animals that need us.

This cannot be accomplished without support from our community.

As our “busy season” rapidly approaches, please consider joining us in our effort to best help our animals through the purchase of medical equipment. Please give generously and help save the lives of animals that need us. Your contribution will be matched!

You can give directly to the shelter HERE.  Please be sure to specify FOR SPAY/NEUTER EQUIPMENT in the Additional Comments box!