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Cat Walking

Barn Cat Program


Some of the cats that come to us are not suitable for adoption as house pets.  This may include cats whose litter box habits aren't so great, feral cats who are shy or fearful of people, or cats who are just too independent.  To prevent euthanizing these creatures, we have developed a barn cat program to further accentuate our mission.

Farm Field


Shelter must be available twenty four hours a day with a high spot for the barn cats to get away from predators.  Fresh food and water must be provided daily, year round.  We recommend high quality dry and canned food for extra hydration.  Annual check ups are strongly suggested if the cats are able to be seen by a vet.

As barn cats become available, pending meeting all criteria, shelter personnel will contact you.  We don't always have suitable cats for the barn cat program so be aware there may be a waiting period.

Black and White Kitten


Cats eligible for the program must not be declawed or be a kitten.

Your new barn cats will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies, combo tested, and their ears are "tipped" to indicate the cat has been altered.  Barn cats do better in pairs and in some cases, it's required based on the animals' needs.

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