Matching Donations

Corporate Giving  

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage philanthropy among employees.  Some companies will even match spouses and retirees!  You can double, or even triple, your impact by asking your employer if they have a matching program.  Be sure to ask your employer!

Matching Gift Grantor

Would you personally like the chance to multiply your giving and increase the impact of your generosity?  Become a grantor!  Grantors agree to a financial pledge of a selected amount.  Then we go to work challenging other donors to "unlock" the grantor's matching gift within a specified time frame.  Fill out the form below to start doubling donations today!

Example:  A grantor pledges $20,000 if we can raise $20,000 in 30 days, totaling $40,000 in gifts.  If the pledge is not met by other contributions, the grantor will match what we do raise in the challenge.