Black Dog


Board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 11:30am.
Every other meeting is Executive Session closed to guests.
  This form must be submitted no later than one week prior to each meeting you wish to observe.*

After your timely submission, you will receive a link to the online Zoom meeting with further instruction.

Microphones will be muted and chat will be disabled for the duration of each meeting.

2021 Meeting Schedule:

July: Board of Directors
August: Executive Committee (closed)
September: General Board
October: Executive Committee (closed)
November & December: General Board

*Please note that a meeting is held the first Wednesday of December at 11:30am accommodate holiday schedules. There is no meeting in the month of November.


Tai Federico, DVM

Vice President

Jim Kennedy


Meghan Scanlon Roach


Margaret Anne Haley


Chappell Kane

Cindy Hall

Jed Mescon

Michael Haskew

Beverly Coulter

Michael Swan

Pam Miller

Trish Foy

Shirley Krause

Kelsey Chastain

Joel Susman

Blair Cornman

Clare Gruber

Cherie Martinez

David Glenn