Sassy Meowers


Lucy is a two year old tortoiseshell cat or what we call in the business a tortie!  Outside of her kennel, Lucy is a lap cat.  She will lie in your lap for ages and probably even drool a little.  Drooling cats are so content they can barely stand it!  In addition, rumor has it Lucy could be on the U.S. women's soccer team!  This girl can kick a ball around like nobody's business. Toss it in her cage, she'll whack it around, then shoot to you to score. 

Why she is a Sassy Meower:

Lucy has “Tortie-tude” and is a Kitty Conundrum!  She likes a nice hard face rubbing and when she's had enough, she's going to eyeball you first and let you know, hey,  I'm done now!  Lucy loves attention on her terms.  In her cage if she's on the top shelf and doesn't come down, leave her alone. If she comes down, she's usually in a good mood. She can absolutely be petted, played and loved on for 5 minutes and then she is done!  Should someone visit her shortly after, it won't go well.  To sum it up, Lucy is a player, lap cat, sassy pants, social butterfly, exercise queen and always full of personality. She is no boring old cat. She's the one woman show you need in your life. And by one woman, that means she wants to be you’re only cat soulmate please.  Trust us, it will be okay. You don't need another pet, just Lucy.


If you are the kind of cat lover who likes cattitude, look no further. Naomi is a cat diva, and she likes to be the center of your world. What this four year old tabby really wants is for someone to cater to her every cat need.  I think we all might like that but she’s a cat so she’s not afraid to show it!

Why she is a Sassy Meower:

Naomi doesn't really want or need any feline friends, so a home where she's the only cat would be just fine with her.  She wants to be petted and adored but only on her terms.  Naomi acts aloof, but she cares.  She really does!  She may not want to be picked up but just prefers your presence. Naomi is the kinda gal who wants to lie next to you and watch TV.  She also enjoys hanging out near a window and sunbathing while you go about your business nearby.

Kelly Clarkson sang it best:
Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance
Miss unafraid
Miss out of my way

With that being said, we think 90% of Miss Naomi’s issues are cage/shelter related.  She would smack you a little when she's not in the mood to be petted.  So, we recently moved her to a better location and her cattitude improved tremendously.  Volunteers report she is much more affectionate!  Living in a shelter as a cat is hard.  Cats love small tight places to hide and snuggle but not 24/7.  Some cats just don’t do as well in the shelter environment and therefore don’t show well to visitors looking for a kitty companion.  If you can look past the shelter exterior, you may just find a wonderful sweet loving kitty.  This poor girl has been with us for 8 months as of January 2018 so she has done her time!  Simply put, Miss Naomi needs a home that will appreciate her independence and her sassy personality but love her anyway.  Please consider opening your home to our little Miss Independent!


Nala is a 9 yr. old calico.  She came to HES in November of 2017 because her human companion could no longer keep her due to health reasons. She’s a beautiful girl and outside of her cage she is very curious of her surroundings. Loves a good chin scratching!

Why she is a Sassy Meower:

Nala growls chronically.  We think sometimes it’s just her "meow" but many times, she's just annoyed. Of course you would be annoyed living in a cage for 3 months as well!  She shows her dismay by crinkling up her face and giving an evil hiss, it looks and sounds scary.   She also vehemently despises other cats and therefore can’t reside in one of our comfy free-roaming rooms like most of our cats while waiting to meet their future human. When she's in the mood she loves hanging on your lap for chin scratches. But, she can take her a bit of time to settle in.  Like many cats, Nala struggles with having to reside 24/7 in a cage while waiting for her human.  We can’t blame her there!  This older gal is simply looking for a forever home where she can be independent yet have a warm lap should she choose to take it.    


Millie is a beautiful six month old Torbie (half tabby/half tortoise shell).  We just know this little beauty has a lot of love to give!  She does well around other cats, making her a perfect addition to a family with feline members.  She currently resides in one of our free-roaming cat rooms allowing her to interact with all of the different kitties waiting for homes.  Millie is all about the treats.  If you've got them, you'll have her attention!  Treats are the best way to get her to come to you!

Why She is a Sassy Meower

Millie is shy and you may have to look for her in a cat cubby or corner when you go into our free-roaming kitty room. She is still a bit unsure of people and what they are good for.  Ask her and she'll tell you "treats, of course!"  Millie needs love, understanding and patience so that she can build a good bond and trust in her forever humans.  This sweet little youngster of a kitty simply needs to be shown how wonderful human love can be.  Given a forever home and constant love from a family, we guarantee she will flourish into a confident lovely adult cat.