Rackz and Wildman

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A few months ago, Derreck and Jessica adopted a VERY misunderstood cat Wildman. Other potential adopters weren't willing to overlook Wildman's first impression - which was always BAD. They came back a few weeks ago and adopted dog Rackz. 

"Hey! Yeah, we got Rackz, a happy little guy. He's great and adjusting well and he is super interested in Wildman but Wildman isn't sure what to think about him yet. I feel like they'll acclimate and be fine, but he takes his time adjusting so we're taking it very slowly. 

Wildman is amazing, he's right at home and loves his people. His favorite things are sitting in the window, dragging toys up and down the stairs and pushing his little head between your hand and your phone to insist on noggin rubs. I'll attach pictures of both of the babies. 

Rackz is ever super curious about Wildman and wants to run up and sniff at him and Wildman is not so sure about this big ol' dog coming at him at high speed lol. But sometimes they'll be in separate rooms with the door shut and I'll catch them both laying at the door sniffing at each other, Wildman batting under the door to reach Rackz. And just now I caught them lounging around quite close to each other, so baby steps I guess. They're getting there lol."