Report a Lost or Found Pet

Lost a pet? Found a pet? Fill out the form below to let us know. Please fill out with as much detail as possible. In addition to filling out this form, you may also send a photo of your lost or found pet to

Owners of lost pets: Do not assume that the shelter will contact you if your pet comes in, as the volume of animals that comes in daily is simply too large for staff to cross-reference each report with each animal. Understand that you are responsible for coming to the shelter regularly to search for your lost pet. This report is not a substitute for searching in person and our shelter staff is not responsible for searching for your lost pet.

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Pet Information

(Do NOT use 'mix' as a primary breed. For dogs please use general breeds such as hound, shepherd, terrier, retriever. For cats use domestic shorthair, domestic medium hair, or domestic longhair.)