Adopt A Celebrity- Dana Shavin

Date & Time
May 04th, 2020 12:00 PM

Name: Dana Shavin

Occupation: Columnist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press; writer for Chatter magazine; editor of The Shofar; founder of, Chattanooga’s animal advocacy website

Dana Shavin is an adult cocker spaniel who loves long walks, watching Two and a Half Men under a blanket, and spinning everything that happens to her into a newspaper column. She once lost a Bluetooth in her hair and found it two days later; hence, she needs regular grooming. According to some people, she is also in dire need of obedience classes. In lieu of wine, she would settle for a few bags of dog food. What she’d really love, however, is to be adopted by someone who “gets” her—and loves her anyway.

Registration Deadline
May 04th, 2020 12:00 PM

Registration Deadline has Passed
Registration/Pricing Options
Treat me to a basket of toys!$25.00
Grab me a bag of food!$30.00
Pay for my daily kennel cleaning!$35.00
Schedule me for a flea dip and nail trimming!$40.00
Pay for my vaccines and microchip!$45.00
Throw me a cat nip/tug of war party!$50.00
Buy me house training lessons!$75.00
Order me a bed!$100.00
Book me a pet portrait!$150.00
Send me to obedience class!$200.00
Save lives spay and neuter!$300.00
Adopt Me!$1,000.00