Adopt A Celebrity- Taylor Bishop

Date & Time
May 01st, 2020 10:00 AM

Name: Taylor Bishop

Occupation: News Anchor

Taylor is a fun loving Labrador mix. She gets along with other animals and people but would especially love a home with kids. Taylor is an agility superstar and will fetch all the local news you need to know most.  Taylor requires an extensive wardrobe and her own room in your home so she needs to raise a lot of money to maintain her lifestyle.

Registration Deadline
May 01st, 2020 10:00 AM

Registration Deadline has Passed
Registration/Pricing Options
Treat me to a basket of toys!$25.00
Grab me a bag of food!$30.00
Pay for my daily kennel cleaning!$35.00
Schedule me for a flea dip and nail trimming!$40.00
Pay for my vaccines and microchip!$45.00
Throw me a cat nip/tug of war party!$50.00
Buy me house training lessons!$75.00
Order me a bed!$100.00
Book me a pet portrait!$150.00
Send me to obedience class!$200.00
Save lives spay and neuter!$300.00
Adopt Me!$1,000.00