Kitten Shower

Date & Time
June 21st, 2018 5:00 PM
Humane Educational Society (Google Map)

We're expecting! During the summer months and into early fall is kitten season at HES. Our shelter will take in hundreds of kittens that need special care during this time. Many kittens come in with out a mother and need to be bottle fed, many come with illness and need special care, all of them will need extra love and attention. Help us celebrate all these adorable meowers by joining us for a kitten shower on June 21st. Bring a donation from our kitten wish list and join us for food and cuddle time with kittens. Bring a donation item and a $10 monetary donation and you get to help us name a kitten. 

Most needed items:
premie bottles
kitten milk replacer
canned kitten food
heating pads
miracle nipples
kitten beds
pet carriers