Featured Pets this Week!



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Bane is a 4-year-old brindle Terrier mix named that is a well-behaved, slightly shy and friendly fella to both humans and other puppers! He’s funny once he opens up and he gets to know you. The staff and volunteers all love him. Since his puppy days are well behind him, Bane is a calm, mellow guy who will enjoy some leisurely walks and snuggling on the couch. Bane would make a loyal and fun pet!!



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This kitty is a 4-year-old cream-colored kitty who needs a quiet home with some TLC. Apricat is nervous right now being at HES. She doesn't understand why she’s here and what in the world is going on. She’s very timid and likes to hide in her little cubby hole, but we can tell you she is as sweet as they get. You can pick Apricat up out of whatever cubby she's hiding in and snuggle away with her. She’ll probably be scared, but she’ll just go with it. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and wouldn't harm a fly. She does not mind other cats at all. Apricat will need an owner who can be patient and tolerant while she learns to trust and she feels safe enough to show her true personality. If you would like to adopt this gorgeous gal, come see her at the Humane Educational Society.



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This 2-year-old brown tabby is Honeybee, and yes, she really is sweet as honey! Honeybee is outgoing and loves to chat with you. When you first meet her, she’ll meow to you, saying, “Hey come pet me and let me show you just how awesome I am!” And she’s not lying; she really is awesome. Honeybee is even comfortable making friends with other cats and would probably enjoy some feline friends in her new home. Come meet Honeybee today at the Humane Educational Society and see just how sweet she is!




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The smile says it all. This guy is happy, fun, and friendly. Conan is a 3-year-old Terrier mix who is looking for true love and a forever home. Conan is outgoing and enjoys attention, but he’s also happy just to be out on a walk or checking out all the new smells in the play yard. Conan likes to play with other dogs, but his energy and enthusiasm may be a bit much for some other dogs. If you’re looking for a four-legged friend who loves being with you but can also keep himself entertained when you are busy, Conan is perfect for you. Come meet him today at the Humane Educational Society.