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Sam is a sweet, shy 3-year-old hound mix who just needs a little love so she can blossom into the wonderful dog we all know she is. When you first meet her, she will probably be sitting in her kennel, looking sad. Just get her out and take her to the play yard and she’ll start to come out of her shell. Sam likes to be petted and loved. She’ll put her little paws in your lap just to get closer to you. It’s adorable. And she enjoys playing with other dogs, so she might really like having a canine pal in her new home. If you want a loyal and loving companion, come meet Sam today.



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Sophie is a very calm and chill 3-year-old gal. She's independent but don't take that to mean she doesn't want your love. Sophie has had a hard year. Sophie was hit by a car, but HES made sure Sophie received proper treatment for her fractured pelvis and her tail was amputated. Sophie doesn't luvvv being surrounded by a bunch of other cats, but if they keep a respectable distance, she won't go out of her way to be bothered by their existence. Don't hold it against her. Sophie deserves to be the queen of someone's castle and to be adored for the quirky girl she is!




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If you’re looking for a super sweet and affectionate cat, then look no further than Digger! This 4-year-old brown tabby is the first one to greet you when you come to visit the cat room. He just runs right up to you to say hello and call dibs on your affection and petting. Digger is also pretty relaxed around the other cats and will do well in a home with some feline pals. This guy has such a wonderful, loving personality that you won’t be able to resist taking him home. Come meet Digger today at the Humane Educational Society.



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This handsome Spaniel mix is Rugby, a 2-year-old Spaniel mix. Rugby is a little on the shy side and just needs a little TLC to bring him out of his shell. He is a bit uncomfortable around other dogs, except for his best friend, Annie. With a little time to gain trust, though, Rugby might enjoy having a mild-mannered canine sibling in his new home. Rugby will make some lucky person a faithful friend. Why not come adopt him today?




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Lola is a cutie and a fun girl too. Lola is a very outgoing and people friendly girl. She's not great around other cats, they make her nervous. So she would prefer to be your only cat soulmate. You need to see her in person, she's tiny and has a lot of fun personality. She would probably do well around kids also. Lola likes to chat a bit too.



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Carmello is very calm and loves to be held. She'll wrap herself around your neck. You won't need a scarf with Carmello around, she's keep you plenty warm. It's possible she's cat selective, so it may be easier to have her as your only cat soulmate. And she luvvvss canned food.