Diamonds in the Ruff

These Diamonds in the Ruff need that extra bit of TLC, attention, love, and patience!


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The diamond known as Sean is being polished and soon will be sparkling. His perfect setting just might be in your home. Sean is a biggish 40+ pound Chinese Shar-pei mix without bunches of wrinkles. Almost three years old, he is a handsome strawberry blonde guy. His Shar-pei blood shows up in his wrinkled brow making him look very worried. The shape of his back legs, color of his tongue, ears, fur and skin are all Shar-pei, too. Background: Since Sean came to us as a stray, we don't know the experiences he had in the past that have shaped his personality. We just know that he is a nice fellow - a bit wary of new people and excitable, but very deserving of love and who will give you love back in spades. He has been with us since July 2017, and just in early June 2018 went to a foster home for a few months. Training: With his foster mom, he is taking obedience class and is learning to walk well on leash, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, and Here (Come). He is learning crate training and being house broken. Sean is very treat motivated, making him easy to train. More training comes with his adoption so you can both speak the same language. Loves: In his foster home, Sean loves toys, especially plush squeaky toys that he does not even try to destroy, balls and Nylabones. He loves a soft cushy bed and a large crate. With most other dogs, he seems casually friendly and not overly excited. At the shelter, he joined big dog play groups now and then. He startles other dogs because he is vocal when he plays. He is strong and, like most dogs, needs regular exercise to help keep him calm and happy. Sean is a fun and funny dog if you have a kind heart and firm hand.


Why He is a Diamond in the Ruff


No kissing on the first date: Sean likes to go slowly with people and may take some time to be comfortable with you. He does not like to be crowded, hugged, or hovered over by folks he is unfamiliar with. The poor guy went for months without feeling a loving touch, so he may be startled to feel his head, sides, feet and mouth being touched. Gentle strokes along his sides and temples go far in reassuring him. Reflects energy shown him: High excitement and play get higher excitement and play back. That might be fun once, but not long term. That’s one reason he would do best in a home without little ones. Calm energy will cause him to be calmer. An experienced dog parent – sort of like an experienced human parent – will know when and how to play and when to be firm with him.  It was especially difficult for a dog like Sean to be comfortable in a shelter environment, with different people approaching his kennel throughout the day. He is blossoming in a foster home and would positively bloom with the security of that special person or persons he can trust and depend on.




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Do blondes have more fun? Sweet senior Candy's answer is this: "I would have my fur colored purple if it would help me find a home sooner, because that's when the really happy times begin!" Candy is great on leash and knows "sit", "shake", and "down". She loves car rides and is well behaved inside the vehicle. We believe she may be housebroken and we know she is as soft as a cotton ball. Candy loves treats and doesn't seem to care for toys. She needs to be in a home without cats or children. She would do well as an only dog and would need a meet and greet if you have other canines in your household. She is beautiful, gentle, and affectionate - this lovely lady would enjoy leisurely walks in the sunshine and snuggle time on those rainy days. If you are looking for a calm and pleasant companion to share your life with, please consider Candy!


Why She is a Diamond in the Ruff


Although still very young at heart (she dances when you come to visit her kennel), Candy does have some attributes that might normally be associated with senior citizens.  She loves being with her person but does not care for loud, crowded spaces or noisy, rambunctious people.  She tends to become anxious and irritable when forced to be in these situations.  She is friendly to strangers but wants to get to know them before they get too familiar with her. We believe Candy has earned the right to have some space and peacefulness in her life. In addition, we recently had a senior blood panel done on sweet Candy and it showed no evidence of any health problems.  With her good manners and low-maintenance needs, she is the perfect dog for someone who leads a nice, relaxed life and wants a beautiful blonde to share it with!