Diamonds in the Ruff

These Diamonds in the Ruff need that extra bit of TLC, attention, love, and patience!




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Sean is a 42 pound terrier mix who is about two and a half years old. He has been with us since July, 2017. In his kennel, he sometimes appears very concerned with his wrinkled brow. He is no doubt wondering how he ended up in a shelter. He obviously had a home at one time, as he is attentive and extremely well mannered. We believe he is house trained. He walks very well on leash and knows how to sit. Although he loves to run and bounce around the yard, he does not jump on you. He has been known to play with toys, especially tennis balls. With most other dogs, he seems casually friendly and not overly excited. Now and then, he finds another canine that he wants to romp and play with.

Why He is a Diamond in the Ruff

Sean likes to go slowly with people and it will take him some time to be comfortable with you. He does not like to be crowded, hugged, or hovered over by folks he is unfamiliar with. At times, he has been known to duck his head as a leash is put on. He tends to become anxious around children, so he would do best in a home with no little ones. Since he came to us as a stray, we don’t know what types of experiences he had in the past that have shaped his personality. We just know that he is a nice fellow – a bit wary of new people but very deserving of love. Once you are accepted as a friend, his worried look will vanish and he will greet you with a grin, affectionate and eager to be by your side. It is especially difficult for a dog like Sean to be comfortable in a shelter environment, with different people approaching his kennel throughout the day. Although staff and volunteers are familiar faces to him, he does not have the security of that special person or persons he can trust and depend on. With patience, love, and a home of his own, we think Sean can begin to lose his fears and enjoy life on a more constant basis.



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Do blondes have more fun? Sweet senior Candy's answer is this: "I would have my fur colored purple if it would help me find a home sooner, because that's when the really happy times begin!" Candy is great on leash and knows "sit", "shake", and "down". She loves car rides and is well behaved inside the vehicle. We believe she may be housebroken and we know she is as soft as a cotton ball. Candy loves treats and doesn't seem to care for toys. She needs to be in a home without cats or children. She would do well as an only dog and would need a meet and greet if you have other canines in your household. She is beautiful, gentle, and affectionate - this lovely lady would enjoy leisurely walks in the sunshine and snuggle time on those rainy days. If you are looking for a calm and pleasant companion to share your life with, please consider Candy!

Why She is a Diamond in the Ruff