Diamonds in the Ruff


Brutus is a hound mix who is almost three years old.  He loves people and loves to play with other dogs.  He can be a bit energetic coming out of his kennel, but that’s expected after being cooped up in that small area.  He still pulls a bit as he walks, but it gets better the longer he walks.  He is eager to please and loves attention.  He recently spent some time in a foster home and was an angel.  He got along well with the other dogs, went in and out of crate easily and was very happy just to be a lap dog even though he weighs over 70 pounds!  This guy is craving love and attention.

Why he's a Diamond in the Ruff:

Brutus was adopted as a puppy and recently returned as an adult.  He lived mostly outside, is not house trained and we’ve been told he is able to jump a four foot fence.   Dogs living outside will jump a fence if able out of sheer boredom.  With the right family and attention this may not be an issue.  At HES, Brutus is struggling in his kennel and doesn’t  “show” well when visitors pass by.  He may seem aggressive or over excited to the on-looker, however, he’s wonderful outside his kennel.  This guy needs training, structure, patience and much love.  Brutus will do best with an adult family or a family with older kids (13+) with or without other dogs.  With love, caring, and encouragement this pup will be a diamond without the ruff! 


Odin is a handsome 1½ year old boxer mix.  He can be super excitable in his kennel, but outside he's well behaved.  He walks well on a leash, loves most people and treats.  He’s easy to train and knows 'sit' and 'down'. He has shown to get along with other dogs, enjoys zoomies in the play yards and hanging out with his favorite volunteer dog walkers.


Why he's a Diamond in the Ruff:

Odin was adopted then passed off to a friend temporarily.  The temporary situation become a permanent one, so Odin came back to HES.  He’s been waiting for a forever home for over 6 months. Odin can be people selective.  Like us humans, he does not like everyone he meets including kids so we think he would do best with an adult family or one with older children who are thirteen years or older.  His past adopter mentioned he is very protective when visitors come to your door.  This can easily be worked on with treats and training!   For a while he was one of our assessment dogs (the dog that meets the new incoming dogs to see if they are dog friendly).  Unfortunately, we had to replace Odin as the “helper dog” because he was no longer getting along with the new dogs.  Sometimes the shelter environment is just too overwhelming and stimulating for dogs and they don’t behave as they would in a home.  We think, in the right home environment with training and direction, Odin will be a wonderful loyal companion that will shine like the gem he is.


Jezebel (Jezzie), is a three year old, spayed, lab mix, and was rescued from a massive puppy mill raid in Arkansas in March 2017. Due to her rough start in life, she was scared at the shelter, didn't know how to walk on a leash, and wide open spaces terrified her.  If you took her outside, all she wanted was to go back inside to her kennel. Now in foster care, she's started to feel safe and has gained the confidence to be able to go outside off leash (don't worry - it's a fenced yard) to do her business.  In fact, she has even been known to cut loose and get the zoomies! She is housebroken and has been doing well to learn basic obedience commands like "sit", "wait", etc. (can you say treat-motivated?!). She does well with cats and other dogs (she has 2 kitty and 2 doggy foster brothers), but if you have other dogs at home, a meet and greet is required. Jezzie is currently living in a foster home.   Please contact our Foster Coordinator at to make an appointment to meet her.

Why she's a Diamond in the Ruff:

When she's confronted with new sights & sounds (ex. a television playing a loud action movie or the spin cycle on a washing machine), they are scary to her because she's never been exposed to them before. Because of this, she can become overwhelmed, looking for her safe space (she is crate trained), so she will need time to learn that these scary things aren't actually so scary after all.  Although she's made great strides in dealing with her anxiety of the great outdoors, she may not be cut out for hiking adventures or hanging out on a restaurant patio downtown with her human, but with enough patience, perseverance, and positive reinforcement, you never know!  This girl will gladly be your affectionate companion within a loving home. Jezzie is a sweetheart of a dog who wants some special people to love on.  She likes to be with her people and will lean against you and give you all the kisses! She is reserved around people she doesn't know, but once you are in her circle of trust, she will love on you and cuddle forever. 


Sean is a 42 pound terrier mix who is about two and a half years old.  He has been with us since July, 2017.  In his kennel, he sometimes appears very concerned with his wrinkled brow.  He is no doubt wondering how he ended up in a shelter.  He obviously had a home at one time, as he is attentive and extremely well mannered.  We believe he is housetrained.  He walks very well on leash and knows how to sit.  Although he loves to run and bounce around the yard, he does not jump on you.  He has been known to play with toys, especially tennis balls.  With most other dogs, he seems casually friendly and not overly excited.  Now and then, he finds another canine that he wants to romp and play with.


Why He is a Diamond in the Ruff

Sean likes to go slowly with people and it will take him some time to be comfortable with you.  He does not like to be crowded, hugged,  or hovered over by folks he is unfamiliar with.  At times, he has been known to duck his head as a leash is put on.  He tends to become anxious around children, so he would do best in a home with no little ones.  Since he came to us as a stray, we don’t know what types of experiences he had in the past that have shaped his personality.  We just know that he is a nice fellow – a bit wary of new people but very deserving of love.  Once you are accepted as a friend, his worried look will vanish and he will greet you with a grin, affectionate and eager to be by your side.  It is especially difficult for a dog like Sean to be comfortable in a shelter environment, with different people approaching his kennel throughout the day.  Although staff and volunteers are familiar faces to him, he does not have the security of that special person or persons he can trust and depend on.  With patience, love, and a home of his own, we think Sean can begin to lose his fears and enjoy life on a more constant basis.