Aging Animal Relief Fund

To make a donation toward our Aging Animal Relief Fund, please click HERE. Make sure to select AARF Program in the dropdown menu!  

Here at HES, we believe all animals that come through our doors deserve a second chance.  This is our opportunity to give a second chance to these golden aged pets. 

Program Overview

The A.A.R.F. Program, or Aging Animal Relief Fund, is available to adopters of pets selected by the shelter to help their chances of being adopted and living a long, healthy life. The adopter of the animal will receive a certificate good for up to $700 worth of veterinary services for old-age care or chronic conditions*

This is our way of ensuring security and comfort for the animal and the adopter, and removing the stigma of adopting a senior pet! 

*See Program Limitations for financial and medical specifics. 

 AARF Adoptables




Salazar is an 8 year old retired pirate who lost his ears in a battle with cancer.  He is spunky, feisty, and healthy now, and was adopted into his forever home from Naughty Cat Cafe. Salazar was our first AARF eligible pet and the inspiration for this program! 




Precious is a 7 year old cat who was brought to HES with kidney issues.  This special girl will need to be on special food all her life, but it won't stop her from being rambunctious and playful!

Program Limitations

HES will not pay a veterinarian directly. The adopter is responsible for up-front veterinary costs. The reimbursement funds will only be issued with a copy of the vet records and invoice from a veterinarian. It is non-transferrable to another person or animal. 

For more information or to make a donation toward this program, please contact Ashley LaMar via email or by phone at (423) 624-5302 x 246.

To make a donation toward our Aging Animal Relief Fund, please click HERE. Make sure to select AARF Program in the dropdown menu!